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The First Published

Forged in Crimson

Here is the first novel to begin the SILVER AND CRIMSON book series. It follows Leah, Gil, and Teller as they brave the unforgiving and cruel steps to adulthood.

A Twitch Roleplay

The Crimson Slums

THE CRIMSON SLUMS is a tabletop roleplaying game that streams every Tuesday over at Twitch.tv

Join three players as they brave the unforgiving streets of Levent as children.

A Collection of
short stories

Legends Steeped in red

This collection of short stories is told from other perspectives, times, and backgrounds. It is an ongoing collection.

What is this? This is a gritty medieval fantasy setting named SILVER AND CRIMSON. It is an ongoing project which expands into different forms of media. 

On the one hand, you will find the book series of the same name with the first novel FORGED IN CRIMSON. A story about three children who take their first steps into the unforgiving world.

Another project is the CRIMSON SLUMS – a table-top roleplaying game set in the capital of Vesilia.

Three players try to keep their characters alive as the game master, Sarah (the writer/creator) throws dilemmas at them.

Furthermore, LEGENDES STEEPED IN RED is a collection of short stories where you get to partake in different perspectives through the 400 years that the continent has been populated. 

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