Get to know Sarah


What Is She?

A Swedish roleplaying metal-rocker geek! I grew up in the US for a time before I went back to Sweden and have been living there since.  

What Is Her Favorite...?

Roleplaying system: Dungeons and Dragons 5E

Artist(s): Trivium, Alter Bridge, Rammstein, In This Moment

Book(s): Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, the Witcher, the Hunger Games

Series: Game of Thrones (not season 8), the Witcher, New Girl, House of the Dragon

Landscape: Mountains!

Plant(s): Philodendreons

Why Storytelling?

Why not? Stories are what make life interesting. I’ve always strived to deal with difficulties and struggles by incorporating them into stories. When it comes to what genre it usually lands in the fantasy realm. Call it escapism, but I love it and believe we all need it.

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