The Crimson Slums

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Three Urchins Braving the Streets

The night creeps into the afternoon. The sun sets to the east across lake Ember, leaving the clay houses of the city dark red, the color of blood, fitting, as most know that night brings forth the worst of men. 

The city’s bells sound hollow as the markets and busy streets empties of people. Taverns and inns open their doors, and the performers’ song soon bounces off the darkening facades.

The streets of Stonelake are where our story begins. The doors to Dali’s Home for Wayward Young remain shut to the young boys and girls who once called it home. Now, urchins out on the mean streets of Levent Lana, Grin, and Tosher (PCs) begin their journey. Will they be able to survive?

Only time can tell. Welcome, to the world of SILVER AND CRIMSON.

Season 1

The first season of the CRIMSON SLUMS holds six episodes aired on Twitch. The first season is available on Youtube as VODs. 

Season 2

The second season of the CRIMSON SLUMS is aired each Tuesday on Twitch. 

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