Gain Access to the

Hidden Content

of the Silver and Crimson Universe


Find out about the history and the culture that rules the continent. Who ruled? What are thralls?


Follow the characters' footsteps through the story. Gain access to behind-the-scenes information about the locations.


Get to see portraits and learn about the people who live in Caldril

Like movies and series have complex and vivid behind-the-scenes materials, so does FORGED IN CRIMSON!

Whenever a character enters a new area or place in the story, you, as a reader, can scan QR codes printed in the book.

Do you like, Game of Thrones, the Witcher, or Assassin’s Creed? 

Are you a fan of rebels standing up against their oppressors? Or are you interested in self-discovery, love, and family?

Then this gritty medieval fantasy series may be for you!

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