The Caravan

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The performers known as the Shields of the Moon are a collection of bards, singers, storytellers, actors, and musicians who perform in Levent. Their sign is a shield surrounded by a starry crown in blues and reds. 

Several acting troupes travel the country. They travel through cities and towns. Almost all troupes put up their shows for free and live on the contributions made by the viewers or in some cases the city or town’s guardian. They perform for anyone. The late King Wendel Thorne, also known as the theater king, decided to bring entertainment to the people which could be used to tell certain poignant stories to the public. Upon performing a new show, the Crown must approve the content in order to ensure its entertainment value. During an evaluation, if the manuscript and the artist in charge are found to try and tell a false or malignant narrative, the troupe is disbarred and the artist may face legal repercussions. This in turn has led to private performances held in secret.

The Shields of the Moon have been active in Levent for a good ten years. The performers live in communal caravans, traveling from one stage to the next. On rare occasions, they have ventured outside of Levent to attend nearby festivals.

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