The Kingdom of Vesilia

To the northeast of the continent lies the fertile lands of Vesilia. Since a union between tribes and settlements was struck in the early 100s, the country has been under monarchy rule. 

The amount of land included in Vesilia may be great; however, most of its human influence is found at the center in the Great Grasslands. The cradle of Vesilia enjoys fruitful summers and mild, rainy winters, while the surrounding mountain ranges experience harsher weather.

As one of the more powerful nations, Vesilia has partaken in many wars. Most recently, they fought against Drelorn and Burrous to occupy the Eckrosie lands. 

The Vesilian people hold one religion above the rest. The Wanderers have all but been declared the official faith. This faith has seeped into most functions of the country, influencing politics and childbirth. 

Upon the previous king’s assassination, Canden Thorne (current ruler) declared war on refugees with Eckrosie roots. This issue has torn the country and threatened to dethrone the Thorne family. As such, discontent grows in the capital and the smaller settlements. 

The Thornes

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