Amabell’s Brothel

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Rose Lane's Pleasure House

The most popular pleasure house in Rose Lane belongs to a woman named Amabell. Singers and musicians are welcome to perform on the stage in the ballroom area. The air lies heavy with sweat, lust, and a variety of perfumes. No matter the hour of the day, the house is visited for its incredible service and hospitality. Not only does the pleasure house offer services connected to the Unborn, but it is also a place for creativity and joy, a respite from the grim streets of Levent.

Bawds and Madams

These individuals negotiate fees, ensure the safety of the establishment, handle the contracts with local government and speak to the Guides. They manage the day-to-day operations.


One of the main reasons to visit a pleasure house is to have a physical interaction with a courtesan. However, these people serve a much more important role than sexual pleasure. They are experts in conversation, dance, and companionship. Courtesans employed by a pleasure house in Vesilia hold a lot of power over each patron. Each courtesan decides for themselves which patron to interact and offer services to.

Female courtesans are sanctioned by the faith to carry and deliver children at the pleasure house of their employment. They are protected by the Unborn and are entitled to live in the care of the pleasure house.

There is an equal number of female and male courtesans as the duties to the Unborn apply to every adult.


A pleasure house is not only a place for sexual interaction, it is a place to interact with the local community. In many aspects the houses function as a tavern. To enhance the experience musicians and entertainers take the stage with music, stories, dancing and singing.


A pleasure house needs ambitious workers to ensure cleanliness and upkeep. These servants are responsible for providing food and beverages, changing bed sheets, and cleaning.

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