Rose Lane

A Tight-Knit Community

Squeezed between Keelheart, Main Street and Graceview lies the middle-class district Rose Lane. Just like neighboring districts, Rose Lane’s buildings shine red. The streets are meticulously planned making a visitor’s travel easier.

Cobblestone streets wind through the district with the occasional dirt path replacing it. Lamp posts with oil lanterns shed light into the dark night and offer some comfort. Nestled in with residential buildings shops, stalls, inns, and workshops fill the district with life. As for entertainment, Rose Lane holds a vibrant cultural scene with taverns and pleasure houses actively hosting plays and concerts.

The Following

In the wake of Rick Haven’s rebellion a determined rebel group known as the Following formed. Their opposition is rooted in discontent with the monarchy and the oppressive policies. Once the Leventie uprising had been quelled and the dust settled, the discontent which led the way for the uprising still remained in the capital. Unlike the uprising that came before where the nobility and higher tiers of society came together under Rick’s leadership, the Following has rallied commoners and nobles to their cause.

The Crownless King

In Riverview, the uprising met its abrupt end. Everyone standing near Rick Haven were tried and executed by the Crimson Wights. Rick was taken into custody where he had to witness the executions of his co-conspirators and ultimately his beloved and two children. Why Rick was spared a Victim’s Will remains a mystery to this day. Some claim that Rick’s sister Elana Thorne spared his life while others say that the utter humiliation, mutilation and disgrace was enough punishment. Without any titles or wealth, Rick was left in the streets of Levent where he did his best to end his own life.

Before this could happen, the Following, which had been gathering strength in the ashes of the rebellion, reached out to Rick two years after the uprising. The Following needed a person to rally behind and to replace the Thornes with. Rick reluctantly accepted.


In recent years the Following has transformed from operating in the shadows to operating in the open. This change has been made possible by the Following’s dealings and contacts with important decision-makers. There is an understanding or rather a compromise between the Following and the Crown that is very fragile.

Rick maintains the highest rank in the Following, but he is not the sole ruler. Without his close district leaders, he does not have a chance to lead the Following.

Lord and Lady Presiders

A Presider is the leader of a specific district, location, or area who is in charge of the day-to-day dealings of the rebel group. They become experts in their area ruling over the operations, dealings, and finances.


As indicated by the name, Protectors are the ones who stay at their Presider’s side at all times keeping him or her safe from harm.


Regulators are the ones who handle the resources the Presiders have at their disposal. He or she collects donations and resources in the name of the Following.

The Following's Cause

Opposition to Racism

The Following are strongly opposed to the Crown’s policies against the Eckrosie. The policies have resulted in the mistreatment and slaughter of the minor community which has not shown any signs of aggression against Vesilian interests.

Overthrowing the Crown

Their ultimate goal is to overthrow the unjust rulers and replace it with a more inclusive and representative system of governance. They are not seeking to end the monarchy, but they are seeking to rearrange the policies under which it governs.

Ending the Trade of Thralls

The Following advocates for the abolishment of the trading of human lives. In recent years enterprises have spawned where a select group of people sign contracts with desperate individuals who, more or less, become the employees’ property.


Contributions from Sympathizers

Individuals who share the Following’s beliefs provide financial support anonymously. It may be goods, coins, or other resources. 

Plundering and Theft

Occasionally members of the Following carry out strategic ambushes on tax collectors and valuable assets meant to supply the Crown.


Since the Following is deep-rooted in areas such as Rose Lane and Main Street, there are many resources to be had in exchange for protection and the Following’s connection with corrupt officials.

Join the Following

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