Ancestors’ Walk

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Honoring those who came before

An ancestor’s square is where heroes and historic people specific to the area are displayed as statues. A place that is usually close to the main street in a city is a place of sanctuary. Every man and woman who enters the zone has the protection from the historic people. It is holy ground and cannot be entered by soldiers or any man carrying malintent.

Every town, village, and city has an Ancestor’s Square. Once a statue is placed in the square it never leaves regardless if the king or queen wishes for a removal. The placing of a statue must be granted by sixty percent of the population who live in the area. Two guards at every entrance guard the Square. It is shaped like a square. The guards are not part of the official army. They are Ancestor Guards who protect the area and those inside from any malintent. There are at least three people attending to the restoration of the area as well as the statues.

Those who guard and restore the Ancestors’ Square are educated to do so by the Ancestor Committee. The Committee overlooks the vote when a new Statue is to be placed.

Inside each Square, people are supposed to contribute with a small contribution after their visit. If one is not able to do so there is no consequence. It is a place for every man and woman regardless of family or status. The squares became a part of history when Tanris, the first king of Vesilia, decided that all men and women regardless of religion could meet and see their heroes. He understood that every city and village had its own heroes and wanted everyone to remember the great men and women of history.

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