Andyr’s Practice

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On the outskirts of Rose Lane and Main Street, the renowned healer Andyr runs a practice. 

In exchange for coins, the healer will treat any ailment or affliction the patrons may have. He works and lives out of this building but will on occasion travel to nearby districts and the Halls to provide healing and medicine to the poor, unable to pay for his services. 

The ground floor houses the main entrance and a reception area. The walls are not adorned with tapestries, instead herb bundles hang in their stead to dry. A fragrant herbal scent lingers, covering the occasional reek of bodily fluids. The ground floor acts as a communal space for patrons to await the time-consumed healer.

A wooden staircase leads upwards to the second floor and the inside balcony that overlooks the entrance. This place allows the healer to observe the visitors from above, saving him precious moments to evaluate their needs.

On the second floor, easily accessible rooms shield the patients from prying eyes. The rooms are stripped to the essentials, a bed, a chair, and a nightstand. Bundles of drying herbs move in the occasional breeze coming through the small windows.

Hidden on the first floor a cozy living space lies for Andyr to relax in. A comfortable bed and a kitchen accommodate the healer’s practice. A fact that is not well-known is that Andyr has a supply of the banned herb known as lockets. This supply lies on the top floor, in a tiny study area.

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