Camp Wintersmore

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A Royal Outpost

On the outskirts of Thorne’s Town, a military encampment lies on the open plains. Captain Hutton has led the camp for the last ten years as a beloved and confident leader.

Though the encampment serves more as the training grounds for young soldiers it occasionally serves as a halfway point for mercenaries and soldiers guarding the southwestern areas of Vesilia. They do on occasion open their wooden gates for merchants to offer respite from roaming bandits.

The Royal Army

Chain of Command

Lord High General

Serril Thorne is the current leader of all armed forces of Vesilia. The Lord High General works by the monarch’s side and leads all law and military efforts of the country. Together with the king or queen, the Lord High General may call for war or large military efforts, which the lord general needs to heed and carry out.

Lord Generals

Lord generals are assigned a specific geographical area. They are awarded this by the captain-general and are always nobles or knighted, hence the title. A lord general is in charge of providing the crown with resources and soldiers from their areas. They are in close contact with martials and landowners.


Captains operate under their lord generals. They often lead an encampment or detachment of troops on special missions. 


Provosts are in charge of disciplining the people who serve at the bottom of the military as soldiers. They are in charge of the soldiers’ health, compliance, and discipline. 


The quartermasters are in charge of the logistics of an encampment or detachment.  


Paymasters take part in the economic side and work closely with the quartermasters.

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