Dahle’s Estate

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A well-tended garden invites its visitors to a magnificent five-story building belonging to Judge Dahle. The mansion, made from pearl-white stone, creates a welcoming and sheltered entrance with its U-shaped design. Tall, arched windows bring light into the luxurious interior and provide its visitors with the vast scenery beyond the city. 

The mansion itself attests to the wealth and power of its owner, with intricate details decorating the columns and arches. The interior shines with the same degree of excellence with its grand ballrooms, libraries, and dining halls. Polished floors reflect every inch of sunlight through the massive windows.

Before entering the astounding Dahle estate, one travels through lush gardens. Colors and fragrances fight for pollinators’ attention within the neatly trimmed hedges along a path leading from the streets into the enclosed mansion.

Law & Justice

Radley Dahle shares blood with the Thorne family through the late King Wendel Thorne. Despite his relation to the Crown Radley decided to pursue a career in the judicial system. He worked his way up the ladder to become one of the senior judges to sit in the Precedents’ Court in Levent.


Judges are educated men and women who are elected by the heads of government within a certain hamlet or area. They have spent at least two years of study in Nedox and three years of studies in the Precedents’ Court of Levent. All in all, they have five years of studies to rely on in their work.

The Precedents’ Court

The Precedents’ Court in Levent is Vesilia’s main body for law and order. A library, housing all rulings past and present as well as all laws, exists and is regularly visited by scholars, judges, and officers. The Precedents’ Court houses a collection of courtrooms as well as a prison on the very bottom floor. 

The court appoints judges who serve in Levent for a period of seven years. It handles the creation of new laws and deals with matters of great concern that the district courts are too small or ill-equipped to handle.

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