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At the top of the city lies the pride of the clay city. A beaming golden dome shimmers in the late afternoon’s glow, a constant reminder to all that the law never rests. This is where the Precedents’ Court stands tall. 

The streets are of cobblestone, the houses made from marble, and just about anything different from the red clay that makes up the other buildings in surrounding districts. Here in Riverview, people enjoy their privacy within their decorative estates. Many of the noble families of Vesilia visit the royal theater and conduct business with merchants and lawmen. After the riot in Levent, a secondary protective wall was created to protect the elite of the city.

Law & order

The Precedents’ Court in Levent is Vesilia’s main body for law and order. A library, housing all rulings past and present as well as all laws, exists and is regularly visited by scholars, judges, and officers. The Precedents’ Court houses a collection of courtrooms as well as a prison on the bottom floor.

The court appoints judges who serve in Levent for a period of seven years. It handles the creation of new laws and deals with matters of great concern that the district courts are too small or ill-equipped to handle. Judges are educated men and women who are elected by the heads of government within a certain hamlet or area.

They have spent at least two years of study in Nedox and three years of studies in the Precedents’ Court of Levent. All in all, they have five years of studies to rely on in their work.

The Royal Theater lies near the district center. Performers from all over the country seek opportunities to attend the historic building and entertain the elite. During one of the plays, the late King Wendel Thorne was assassinated.

Surnames & titles

Surnames are not a common occurrence in Vesilia. Surnames are given to people of noble status, landowning lords and ladies. People who have gained a higher status because of their actions may receive a surname, an example of this is Cidron Ross.

People who use a surname they are not entitled to may end up under the watchful eye of the law. This may be seen as fraud.

Wendel Thorne's Assassination

Wendel Thorne, also known as the theater king, enjoyed theater and plays. It was his number one interest and he often sought to attend plays and spend time with artists.  

While visiting Levent and the Grand Theatre the king was assassinated by an Eckrosie. The woman (Kirwan) did the deed to stop the slaughter of the Eckrosie. She was apprehended at the scene and later tried and condemned to a Victims’ Will. The execution was held outside the Precedents’ Court of Levent. Right after the assassination, Wendel’s son Canden Thorne declared himself the king and was quick to deliver justice and launch a campaign against any Eckrosie living in Vesilia.

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