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On the former wet and rundown soil in the forgotten northeastern corner of Levent a slum known as Keelheart has sprung forth. In 414 a man bought the mythic and haunted mansion known as Mudward. Cidron Ross bought the Mudward from Levent’s Headman, Judge Dahle. Within a matter of months, a district sprung alive. Former prisoners of Nedox were hired and given shelter to create a new place for the downtrodden to settle. Rugged structures built in cheap material took place above the mudflats. As the years have gone by the buildings has undergone cheap repairs and additions to make room for more people.

The district is in many regards run and operated by Cidron Ross who has achieved a hero’s status. The Crown patrols the streets but keeps out of his business and the business of his associates.

Compared to other districts, Keelheart is the slums of Levent. Filthy streets and leaking shelters let bedbugs, fleas, and diseases roam free. Once Keelheart sprung into existence other districts sent their poor and homeless into the slums in an effort to “clean” their streets. While living in these conditions desperate people are in many ways forced to seek aid from the Rosses and their operation.

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