Rosses’ Haven

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As the former rundown soil known as Mudward turned into a new district of the capital, Cidron Ross needed a place to call his own. At the heart of the new district, a mansion inspired by the mansions of Nedox sprung to life.

What started as a home for former prisoners and employees of Cidron’s enterprise became a shelter for thralls. Now Rosses’ Haven lies at the district’s square and houses many people who work for the Rosses.

The Building

In a sea of weathered and run-down structures of the slums stands a red clay house. Compared to the neighboring shelters this house is a rare gem. The bricks create a textured facade and add warmth to the designed building. The clay walls are punctured with mismatched wooden window frames, allowing the sun to pierce through the orange curtains within. Potted plants and flowers line up around a sturdy door adding a touch of color and life to the drab surroundings. 

Inside this refuge, the craftsmanship continues. Textured red walls lead the visitors into the building with a narrow corridor. The walls display occasional paintings and tapestries of scenery. To the immediate left, a staircase with a well-worn banister beckons people upward. The stairs creak beneath its trespassers giving a testament to the journeys up and down over the years.

Up ahead the corridor splits into a crossroad. To the right, a doorway opens into a large sleeping hall with beds neatly arranged in rows. Each bed is adorned with a pillow and a blanket. What few belongings the inhabitants have, lie at the foot-end of the bed. The floorboards hold traces of countless footsteps throughout the years. Groves in the woods show the walkways navigating past the rows of beds.

Straight ahead from the main entrance, another large room greets its visitors. A wide array of chairs, tables, and benches fight for the space. On the left-hand side, a stage gazes down the dining hall. The smell of alcohol stuff the air thick and the floor has been smoothed down by stains, scrapes, and footsteps. In the evenings the house quakes with joy and song.

To the left of the corridor, another set of doors lines up. A door to the right holds the study of Cidron Ross himself. It is a study filled with drawers and a robust desk resting on a thick carpet. The chair at the desk sits a little higher than the two opposite chairs, a testament to Cidron’s self-importance and pride. 

Rosses’ Haven is never quiet. Voices, singing, and snoring carry through the building making it clear that this is a vibrant community.


The lowest layer of society belongs to the thralls, people who work for a master to earn food and shelter. They do not own their own lives in many ways, especially if they sign a contract with their employer/master. 

Thralls work in households, farms, and tending to others’ property.  Many have been hired to serve their entire lives with a lord or lady. However, since the rise of enterprises such as the Rosses in Levent, many thralls are under the care of businesses on contracts where the owner may send the thrall wherever there is a need for extra help.

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