The Attic

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Nestled amidst forsaken structures of the busy slums of Levent, an attic room serves as a refuge for a pleasure house’s families. The room bears scars of neglect with its weathered clay walls and chipped wooden floor. A single cracked window casts rays upon two worn beds. A threadbare blanket, mended countless times, covers the unmade beds. A dented shelf near the window displays a meager assortment of belongings – a clay figure shaped like a horse and a few folded dresses. Despite the humble surroundings, the attic shines bright with love and belonging whenever the two sisters’ infectious laughter fills the room.

The attic room of the pleasure house known as “the Embrace,” runned by Giana in Keelheart, has been rented out to earlier workers. Since a few years back, Jaida and her two girls, Leah and Miya, have been staying in the attic and off the rough streets of Keelheart. Women who work in pleasure houses serve the Unborn and are often offered some kind of accommodations arranged by the Halls. However, this arrangement depends heavily on the kindness of the Guides working in the area.

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