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A Fallen Country

Eckros’ history is one drenched with tears and blood. After the early settlements of the continent united into countries, Eckros was never truly safe. 

Due to the earlier bountiful lands regarding cultivation, forestation, and minerals, other nations sought the treasures of Eckros. Any form of government in Eckros came and went quickly due to constant occupation and war.

What lies within the former lands of Eckros remains a mystery. Upon a field, which has come to be known as the Sea of a Thousand Swords, is where the Eckrosie decided to end the greater countries’ tyranny. Starting with the massacre of foreign soldiers a few Eckrosie men and women destroyed any hopes of a bountiful future. Wildfires spread wide, leaving the country ashen and inhabitable, sealing Eckros’ fate once and for all.

Year 402 marked the end of Eckros. Those who managed to survive and venture to the nearby countries sought refuge. Burrous and Drelorn opened their borders while Vesilia decided on a different action. Out of fear of Eckrosie retribution, the Vesilian king keeps a watchful eye on anyone with roots in Eckros.

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