Towers of Remembrance

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Books of Life

A life is a life. One single event where a soul is granted existence. A soul only exists once, never before, never after.

The Eckrosie faith differs from the other cultures that place their faith in a deity or a higher power. Eckrosie does not believe in an afterlife. Their beliefs are connected to the soul, the journey, and the story. Everyone, no matter where they come from, what they do, or what they believe has a story that is being told.

Eckrosie celebrates life. In honor of this, they created the Towers of Remembrance, enormous libraries where the lives of those departed remain. Once a person dies the body holds no significance and therefore is disposed of. A body is just a vessel. What remains are the tales and the stories the deceased leave.

Before the Great Wars Towers of Remembrance served as tombstones and graveyards to its people. 

Storytellers traveled around the country to collect and store the people’s stories in Books of Life. They gathered all the information they were presented with from friends and families and wrote it down in two copies. One entered the nearby library while the other book made it to the Grand Tower of Remembrance in Ackroth.

A person can die two times according to Eckrosie. The first is a natural occurrence but the second death is considered the worst. A second death is when a person’s Books of Life is destroyed in any way or if a person does not get a book written. Without the Books of Life, there is no proof, story, or indication that the person and their soul ever existed.

During countless wars and disputes, thousands of second deaths struck Eckros and its culture. War crimes committed went unanswered.

Never Forgotten” were words always carved into the stone above the entrances to the Towers. It was to remind its visitors of the significance the Towers held.

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