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Hidden deep within a dense and old forest on the outskirts of Thorne’s Town there is a nomadic settlement known as Stysen. This community of Eckrosie refugees lives in a collection of elaborate caravans in the heart of the forest. The settlement is mobile and blends seamlessly into the surroundings with its natural colors.

Life in Stysen is self-sufficient where the inhabitants forage for wild berries, herbs, and mushrooms and hunt within the confines of the forest. Cooking is never done during the daytime as the risk of discovery is too great. This is done at night, in protected hearths, limiting the light from the fires.

Secrecy is prioritized and the people of Stysen go to great lengths to ensure it. Hidden trails, well-organized escape routes, and look-outs help guard this secret. In regards to leadership, the decisions are made collectively within the community.

The settlement consists of roughly forty individuals with some notable ones living and integrating with the Vesilian society. Through this enterprise, Stysen remains informed of ongoing events throughout the realms.

Near the end of the Great Wars, a steady flow of Eckrosie refugees sought shelter in Vesilia, Burrous, and Drelorn. Upon reaching Vesilia the refugees were placed under the crown’s supervision and judgment. Some people fled from the rural and urban environment to seek shelter far away from the established society to escape persecution, discrimination, and death. Ever since losing their own country, the people of Stysen live in secret to avoid discovery until a day may come when they are given the same rights as everyone else.

Chosen Names

A vital part of the Eckrosie culture that separates it from others is the tradition of each individual choosing their name. Upon the birth of a child, the caretakers may give the individual a temporary name. Many Eckrosie names are Eckrosie words, such as Storm, Sun, Rain, and Heart. It is a name that describes the person. Some may seek to change their name more than once throughout their lives.

The Eckrosie Laws of Vesilia

Eckrosie refugees who have sought shelter in Vesilia have no rights in the eyes of the law. They are seen as dangerous foreigners who seek to destroy Vesilia. In 383 when Wendel Thorne was assassinated in the theater, his son Canden Thorne declared war upon all Eckrosie people who sought shelter within Vesilia’s borders. It is believed by the government that every Eckrosie descendant seeks vengeance and retribution for the wars.

Speaking Eckrosie or indulging in Eckrosie traditions without permission of a court may attract the eyes of the law. Rewards on the capture of Eckrosie descendants have been in effect ever since the year 383.


Vesilian culture leans heavily on branding as a form of punishment, it is an easy way to convey a person’s guilt. A person who has been found guilty of some sort of crime regarding the Eckrosie is branded on the upright of their wrist. The brand is a simplified pattern of the Eckrosie flag.

As with all kinds of branding and scarring, the placement of said disfigurement is of more significance than the brand itself.

Documented Eckrosie

There are, however, some Eckrosie who have permission to stay within Vesilia. Those who have sworn to uphold a Vesilian way of life. They need to denounce their heritage and attend court-assigned check-ins on a regular basis. The district’s court keeps those individuals in check and by meeting up with them. Eckrosie inspected and followed by the courts are not allowed to leave the area they live in without asking for permission from said court. 

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