Ellswood’s Smithy

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A Rose Lane Institution

Situated in the middle of Rose Lane this smithy and its owner remain busy. Tools and raw materials clutter the workshop making it nearly impossible to find a specific item. Visitors see chaos and clutter, but the fifty-year-old blacksmith navigates the area with ease.

Ellswood’s smithy is something of a landmark in Rose Lane, and the blacksmith himself is part of what makes it special. 

The world passes him by outside the four walls of his workshop and home. The Following in the neighborhood ensures deliveries of meals to his door in exchange for prioritized deliveries. Ellswood is a known hermit who keeps to himself. He rarely leaves his home and when patrons come with their business they are told to leave their political ideals at the door.

No matter the customer’s ideals Ellswood will provide the best service which is one of the reasons why his shop is one of the most profitable ones of Levent.

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