The Riveroak Estate

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The Riveroaks are one of the more prominent noble houses of Vesilia. Heathon Thorne, the youngest son of Cassian Thorne and Catline Haven, wedded Aelina Riveroak, entwining the royal family with the Riveroaks.

The family crest and name connect to the ancestral lands of Kingssay, where the Riveroaks initially rose to wealth and power. A lone oak tree grew in the middle of a river on the family’s ancestral land which inspired the family’s crest.

The Estate

Nestled atop a hill stands an estate that commands the attention of passersby. Surrounding the estate, lush green meadows stretch far and wide, but this is interrupted by the majestic presence of a jagged mountain range. The estate’s orange roof shines like a beacon against the sky, contrasting beautifully with its sturdy grey stone walls. Well-kept stables, servant’s quarters, and an enchanting garden guide visitors along a path toward the grand entrance of the mansion.  

This mansion belongs to the Riveroaks, a noble family with roots in Kingssay and deep connections to the Vesilian crown. The recent generations saw the marriage between Prince Heathon Thorne and Aelina Riveroak solidifying the Riveroak’s position within the line of succession.

Aiden's Bedroom

On the second floor’s southern corner, the bedroom belonging to Aiden Riveroak overlooks the estate’s gardens. A calming scent of vanilla lingers in the air from books cramped together on tall bookshelves. A few remnant books rest near one of the valved windows. A blanket and soft decorative pillows reveal the child’s reading nook on the windowsill. On the few empty surfaces of the walls, one finds some paintings depicting epic battles and conquests. 

A bed cover stretches across a two-person-sized bed. No creases or wrinkles mark the soft fabric hiding the bedsheets underneath. 

The Study

The study on the second floor is a place for solitude and contemplation. The room with its dark oak paneling and sparse decor gives the visitor an aura of timelessness. The air lies thick with burning candles. The centerpiece of the room is a robust oak desk where books, letters, and scrolls lay scattered about, the evidence of a busy man’s presence.

Above a fireplace, a magnificent mantlepiece holding a sword sits on display. This sword symbolizes Lionel Riveroak’s bravery during the uprising of Levent. It is a symbol of his nobleman’s status and honor to his king and country. The blade remains polished with a mirror-like sheen and is cared for at least once a month.

The Kitchens

Stepping into the estate’s kitchens, one is met with the air thick with the irresistible scent of fresh herbs and spices. From early dawn till late night, the kitchens are a bustling hive of activity with thralls scurrying back and forth. They maneuver between bubbling cauldrons and shelves stacked with colorful vegetables, sacks of flour, and preserved fruits. A massive iron cauldron spews steam into the air, a thick vapor wafting aroma into the nearby hallway.

The Dining Hall

Stepping into the Riveroak’s dining hall the space exudes a sense of history and artistry. Tall arched windows reaching from the polished floor up to the ceiling spill natural light into the grand room. The furnishings are sparse, holding only a long table with seating for at least twenty people in plush chairs. Candelabras and decorative chandeliers cast a warm and inviting glow during evening meals.

The wall opposite the windows showcases the wondrous masterpieces of artwork. Rich colors and intricate brushwork chronicle the history of Caldril from the early settlers up until recent moments of significance. At the center, a huge painting depicts the Hero of Riverview, the lord of this estate.

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