Thorne’s Town

Where the elite live

In the Southernmost part of the Great Grasslands where the Rugged Spines shoot into the skies lies Thorne’s Town. A large river carrying meltwater from the glaciers above cuts through the valley and flows to Lake Ember. On both sides of the fast-flowing river, a society with Vesilia’s elite expands. Manors, estates, and the royal palace hide below the mountains in the protected valley. Each noble family with their own soldiers protects this place from any intruders, foreign or domestic, while the Crown ensures the safety of the community.

The higher social status an individual belongs to the better in terms of privileges, freedom, and exemptions from the law. To move from one social class to another takes a lot of effort though the mid-levels are more flexible to house those who fall in or out of wealth throughout their lives. For a thrall to venture up to the status of a highborn, is near impossible.

The ‘easiest’ way to advance in status from the lower classes to the upper classes is to get wed. Weddings are not a common tradition in Vesilia as it is a ritual to solidify the different positions within the noble houses.

To lose the title or be expunged from a noble house drastic crimes or wrongs have been committed. One such instance was when Canden Thorne revoked and denounced Rick Haven his noble status in response to the uprising in Levent. An individual cannot choose to denounce their title or family. That responsibility falls upon the noble house and the current ruler of Vesilia.

Noblemen and highborns are entitled to their ancestral lands. In regards to Enfolding and marriage, they are exempt from some of the rules and are instead burdened with stricter and enforced practices such as arranged marriages.

The nobility is divided into a few categories. Landowners are the rich and endowed who own land. They keep close contact with lord generals as they must provide the latter with soldiers and resources. In return, landowners may receive protection and help. 

Martials are nobles who do not own any land. They have received a title without any land ownership. This is bestowed on soldiers who have been knighted.

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