Thorne’s Palace

By the southernmost point of Thorne’s Town lies the royal palace. Its backyard leads to the steep and sharp cliffside of the Rugged Spines.

During the last century, the Thorne family has lived in this palace.

Prior to living in Thorne’s Town, the family lived in Levent. The reason for the resettlement was for the family to have quicker access to Nedox and the cities to the east of Lake Ember.

The Family Tree

Recent History

Wendel Dahle was wed to Queen Layla Thorne who had given birth to one son, Canden Thorne (y. 365). The following year Layla died giving birth to Serril Thorne which made Wendel Thorne the king of Vesilia in the year 366.  

Wendel Thorne, also known as the theater king, enjoyed theater and plays. It was his number one interest and he often sought to attend plays and spend time with artists.

While visiting Levent and the Grand Theatre the king was assassinated by an Eckrosie. The woman (Kirwan) did the deed to stop the slaughter of the Eckrosie. She was apprehended at the scene and later tried and condemned to a Victims’ Will. The execution was held outside the Precedents’ Court of Levent. Right after the assassination, Wendel’s son Canden Thorne declared himself the king and was quick to deliver justice and launch a campaign against any Eckrosie living in Vesilia.

Wasting little time Canden married Elena Haven to create a bond to their rich and endowed family. However, rumors surrounding the three children born from this union involve Canden’s younger brother Serril Thorne. This is far from the last scandal involving the Haven family. Elena’s older brother, Rick Haven, was responsible for the uprising in Levent. Along with other rich estates and landowners he challenged Canden’s authority and rule. Once the insurrection was quelled Rick his title and lordship was revoked on Elena’s behest.

Canden and Serril Thorne
The Thorne Family Tree

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