Amabell’s Brothel

Amabell’s Brothel Access Hidden Content Rose Lane The Wanderers Levent Rose Lane’s Pleasure House The most popular pleasure house in Rose Lane belongs to a woman named Amabell. Singers and musicians are welcome to perform on the stage in the ballroom area. The air lies heavy with sweat, lust, and a variety of perfumes. No […]

Ellswood’s Smithy

Ellswood’s Smithy Access Hidden Content Rose Lane The Kingdom of Vesilia Levent A Rose Lane Institution Situated in the middle of Rose Lane this smithy and its owner remain busy. Tools and raw materials clutter the workshop making it nearly impossible to find a specific item. Visitors see chaos and clutter, but the fifty-year-old blacksmith […]

The Laughing Rooster

The Laughing Rooster Access Hidden Content Rose Lane The Kingdom of Vesilia Levent The Laughing Rooster, may look and feel like any other tavern and inn within Levent’s walls but for some, this is a home and belonging. The Following’s district leaders known as Presiders have operated from the Laughing Rooster in Rose Lane for […]

Rose Lane

Rose Lane Access Hidden Content Amabell’s Brothel Ellswood’s Smithy The Laughing Rooster Andyr’s Practice Levent A Tight-Knit Community Squeezed between Keelheart, Main Street and Graceview lies the middle-class district Rose Lane. Just like neighboring districts, Rose Lane’s buildings shine red. The streets are meticulously planned making a visitor’s travel easier. Cobblestone streets wind through the […]

Cidron’s Study

Cidron’s Study Access Hidden Content Keelheart Rosses’ Haven Levent To the left of the corridor, another set of doors lines up. A door to the right holds the study of Cidron Ross himself. It is a study filled with drawers and a robust desk resting on a thick carpet. The chair at the desk sits […]

The Fighting Ring

The Fighting Ring Access Hidden Content Keelheart Rosses’ Haven Levent A hot, stuffy room with air heavy with sweat and booze is what lies beneath Rosses’ Haven. The basement is cramped even before the presence of an unruly crowd cheering and jeering enters it. The walls are as damp as the floor is rugged and […]

Andyr’s Practice

Andyr’s Practice Access Hidden Content Rose Lane Levent On the outskirts of Rose Lane and Main Street, the renowned healer Andyr runs a practice.  In exchange for coins, the healer will treat any ailment or affliction the patrons may have. He works and lives out of this building but will on occasion travel to nearby […]

The Library

The Library Access Hidden Content Levent The library itself is a vast, single hall that stretches far with a high-vaulted ceiling supported by columns. Sunlight streams through wide stained glass windows near the ceiling. Upon entering, visitors are met by a counter where librarians welcome the learned to partake in the collection of knowledge within. […]

The Tailor’s

The Tailor’s Access Hidden Content Rose Lane Levent A woman named Gizelle owns the shop and has successfully run it for three decades after her mother and father’s passing. Unlike many of the other merchants placed in Rose Lane, this tailor uses the services of the Rosses to ease the workload. In exchange for a […]

Towers of Remembrance

Towers of Remembrance Access Hidden Content Stysen Eckros Books of Life A life is a life. One single event where a soul is granted existence. A soul only exists once, never before, never after. The Eckrosie faith differs from the other cultures that place their faith in a deity or a higher power. Eckrosie does […]

Dahle’s Estate

Dahle’s Estate Access Hidden Content Riverview Levent A well-tended garden invites its visitors to a magnificent five-story building belonging to Judge Dahle. The mansion, made from pearl-white stone, creates a welcoming and sheltered entrance with its U-shaped design. Tall, arched windows bring light into the luxurious interior and provide its visitors with the vast scenery […]

The Holden’s Estate

The Holden’s Estate Access Hidden Content Thorne’s Town The Kingdom of Vesilia Near the river flowing through Thorne’s Town a mansion belonging to the Holden household lies. Up a hillside, towards a steep mountain face, trimmed bushes and hedges lead to a gray mansion. The nocks are made from dark oak and bring forth a […]


Stysen Access Hidden Content Towers of Remembrance Eckros Hidden deep within a dense and old forest on the outskirts of Thorne’s Town there is a nomadic settlement known as Stysen. This community of Eckrosie refugees lives in a collection of elaborate caravans in the heart of the forest. The settlement is mobile and blends seamlessly […]


Riverview Access Hidden Content The Kingdom of Vesilia Levent At the top of the city lies the pride of the clay city. A beaming golden dome shimmers in the late afternoon’s glow, a constant reminder to all that the law never rests. This is where the Precedents’ Court stands tall.  The streets are of cobblestone, […]

The Caravan

The Caravan Access Hidden Content Levent The performers known as the Shields of the Moon are a collection of bards, singers, storytellers, actors, and musicians who perform in Levent. Their sign is a shield surrounded by a starry crown in blues and reds.  Several acting troupes travel the country. They travel through cities and towns. […]

The Clover

The Clover Access Hidden Content Keelheart Levent Pleasure houses and establishments exist all across Vesilia. Women and men who choose to work as courtesans serve the Unborn and help people fulfill their duties to her. As these workplaces are sanctioned and supported by the Halls there is often a fair amount of wealth involved in […]

Camp Wintersmore

Camp Wintersmore Access Hidden Content The Kingdom of Vesilia A Royal Outpost On the outskirts of Thorne’s Town, a military encampment lies on the open plains. Captain Hutton has led the camp for the last ten years as a beloved and confident leader. Though the encampment serves more as the training grounds for young soldiers […]

Thorne’s Palace

Thorne’s Palace Access Hidden Content Thorne’s Town The Kingdom of Vesilia Levent By the southernmost point of Thorne’s Town lies the royal palace. Its backyard leads to the steep and sharp cliffside of the Rugged Spines. During the last century, the Thorne family has lived in this palace. Prior to living in Thorne’s Town, the […]

Ancestors’ Walk

Ancestors’ Walk Access Hidden Content The Kingdom of Vesilia Levent Honoring those who came before An ancestor’s square is where heroes and historic people specific to the area are displayed as statues. A place that is usually close to the main street in a city is a place of sanctuary. Every man and woman who […]


Keelheart Access Hidden Content The Clover Rosses’ Haven Levent On the former wet and rundown soil in the forgotten northeastern corner of Levent a slum known as Keelheart has sprung forth. In 414 a man bought the mythic and haunted mansion known as Mudward. Cidron Ross bought the Mudward from Levent’s Headman, Judge Dahle. Within […]

Thorne’s Town

Thorne’s Town Access Hidden Content Thorne’s Palace The Kingdom of Vesilia Where the elite live In the Southernmost part of the Great Grasslands where the Rugged Spines shoot into the skies lies Thorne’s Town. A large river carrying meltwater from the glaciers above cuts through the valley and flows to Lake Ember. On both sides […]

The Glade

The Glade Access Hidden Content Thorne’s Town A hidden forest gem, this water pool reflects the vibrant greenery like a beautiful mirror. The brook lies just beyond a hill, hidden from the view of travelers. Moss, ferns, wildflowers, and blueberries cover the forest in a green sheet beneath the canopy. Maple, oak, and birch make […]

The Attic

The Attic Access Hidden Content The Clover Keelheart Levent Nestled amidst forsaken structures of the busy slums of Levent, an attic room serves as a refuge for a pleasure house’s families. The room bears scars of neglect with its weathered clay walls and chipped wooden floor. A single cracked window casts rays upon two worn […]

The Riveroak Estate

The Riveroak Estate Access Hidden Content Thorne’s Town The Kingdom of Vesilia History The Riveroaks are one of the more prominent noble houses of Vesilia. Heathon Thorne, the youngest son of Cassian Thorne and Catline Haven, wedded Aelina Riveroak, entwining the royal family with the Riveroaks. The family crest and name connect to the ancestral […]

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